About Euro Motors

Owning a European or exotic car is a unique privilege and very special experience and because we know how hard you worked to get your vehicle we want to make our duty to put the best possible efforts to help you ensure that your vehicle are maintained to the highest level for maximum performance and safety at affordable prices, Knowing that 100% of the time we are being honest with you.

About Adrian Rodriguez

Master Certified Technician

From the moment his father took him as a little boy to see how he worked as a European car technician. From that moment Adrian’s heart connected to this type of cars. In that Moment Adrian knew he had oil running through his blood that he was born to become the best master certified technician in the world.

Family Business

Have you ever heard?  “Souls that resemble attack the inevitably” well, that is exactly how Euro Motors become the blessing that is today.


Serving you and your vehicle in the best way possible is our calling. Our services include:

A/C Service and Repair

Computer Diagnostics

Oil Change

Brake repairs

General Maintenance

Tune Up

Electrical Diagnosis

Major Repairs


6663 Narcoossee RD Suite 154 Orlando, FL 32822