After meeting and marrying the love of his life, Adrian moved to Orlando from Manhattan in mid-2010. His transition from Manhattan to Orlando wasn’t easy, and Adrian was disappointed to find a lack of qualified and dedicated luxury automotive repair shops in the Orange Country area. With the combined business acumen of his wife Sindy—who served as the Regional Manager for Primerica Financial Services and the School Manager for Uceda School—and Adrian’s extensive luxury vehicle expertise, Adrian turned this disappointment into an opportunity to provide much-needed high-quality service for Orlando’s many car enthusiasts of luxury, European, and exotic vehicles.

Starting with a mobile business in 2012, Adrian visited customers on-site at their homes. When word of Adrian’s skill and dedication quickly began to spread, creating a base of loyal friends and customers, Adrian and Sindy laid the groundwork for what would become Euro Motors. With a desire to make a difference for car lovers everywhere, they envisioned a new type of shop: a state-of-the art and affordable automotive repair shop in a modern space. Not only would what would eventually become Euro Motors have the right equipment, it would be staffed by highly-trained technicians who are passionate about educating customers about their vehicles and keeping them informed at each and every step of the repair and maintenance process.

After years of hard work—and thanks to the support of fantastic friends, family, and customers—Adrian and Sindy opened the doors of Euro Motors in July 2014.

Contact Info:

6663 Narcoossee Rd Suite 154
Orlando, FL 32822 

About Adrian Rodriguez

Master Certified Technician

When Adrian was just a little boy, his father took Adrian to see him work as a BWM car technician. It was love at first sight for Adrian, and he knew he had oil running through his veins. From that moment on, Adrian spent his childhood in and out of his father’s shop, informally cultivating knowledge and skills from boyhood that would culminate in professional training at some of the best automotive institutions in the world.

Adrian professionally pursued his automotive passion starting in 2006 at the Universal Technical Institutes in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, where as an exemplary student, he was the youngest person selected in a group of five to join the BMW Education Program; a few months later, he became the fastest effective Diagnostic Technician.

In 2009, Adrian moved closer toward his goal of achieving technical mastery when he was selected to continue school with Ferrari in Manhattan, where he took courses with the oldest Ferrari instructor in the state of New York. Other education included extensive and ongoing training at the Beverly Hills BMW in California, the BMW Manufacturing Co. in Greer, South Carolina, and the BMW World shop in Munich, Germany.

Unsurprisingly, to those who know Adrian, within a year of returning to BMW Manhattan from special merit-based training in Munich, Germany, he achieved the distinction of becoming youngest master-certified BMW Technician in the entire state of New York.

Adrian and his team don’t just service your vehicle: when they open the hood of your car, they get excited because they know exactly how its heart is beating.


With great power comes great responsibility: owning a luxury vehicle is a unique privilege and extraordinary experience. Because our shop knows how hard you worked to get your vehicle, we make it our mission to provide an unrivaled mix of expert knowledge, skills, and service to ensure that your vehicle is optimally maintained for maximum performance and safety.

By providing superlative service at affordable prices, we ensure that your one-of-kind ownership experience lasts for generations to come.


At Euro Motors, you’re always more than just a number. Because we take pride in our work, providing our customers expert, personalized service at a fair price isn’t just another part of the job: it’s a reflection our values. The standard of services we offer ensures you receive all the benefits of quality luxury, European, and exotic vehicle care.

What to expect when you choose our firm:

  • An initial NO-COST on-car Diagnostic
  • The right, most up-to-date equipment
  • Experienced and professional technicians that know your vehicle better than anyone
  • All of the benefits of professional care at the most affordable cost possible.
  • The use of only high-quality German synthetic oil tailored to your vehicle and its history. Original German Filter
  • Original parts (unless otherwise requested)
  • Personalized service